Welcome to the Ultimate Prediction Challenge!

Get ready to put your rugby intuition to the test and add an extra layer of excitement to the game! Our prediction challenge is all about celebrating our love for rugby, showcasing your game knowledge, and having a blast with fellow fans.

How it works:

  • Make your predictions: From the first team to score to the possibility of a red card being shown, your insights into the game could lead you to victory. And for those feeling daring, our gamble questions offer a chance to score big!
  • Points system: Earn points for each correct prediction. With every try, penalty kick, and unexpected turn the game takes, your foresight could see you climbing up the leaderboard. But watch out—incorrect guesses on gamble questions might cost you!
  • Gamble questions: These are your opportunity to really shine (or stumble). Predict outcomes like a drop goal or a red card showing for a chance to earn bonus points. Not so sure? Opt for “Not Sure” to play it safe.
Rugby Box Predictions

Welcome to the Gambling Section of our predictions game! This part is all about strategy and risk - are you ready to take a chance?

How It Works:

  • Choose Wisely: For each gambling question, you have different options. Your choice could significantly boost your score or result in a point deduction.
  • Points System: Making the right gamble can earn you big points! Correct "Yes" or "No" answers on specific events like a "Drop Goal" could net you up to 15 points. But be cautious, an incorrect guess will deduct points from your score.
  • Opting Out: Not feeling confident about a gamble? Select "Not Sure" to skip the question entirely without any impact on your score. It's a safe way to avoid potential point losses.

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