The Navigator – Anchor’s Strategy & Asset Allocation, 2nd quarter of 2019

The purpose of The Navigator is to provide our clients with insight into Anchor’s thoughts on different asset classes and our near-term market outlook. Readers will note that 1Q19 provided solid investment returns across the board which, in part, reflects a global market recovery from a downside overshoot late last year. Nevertheless, the economic environment remains difficult both in South Africa and abroad. However, despite this, we still see opportunities in the year ahead and we continue to believe that locally fundamentals are improving, albeit gradually. Hence, we find ourselves attracted to the domestic equity market.

We are faced with an increasingly dynamic and fluid environment in which we operate and what looks sensible today, might not seem so tomorrow. The key to successful management of your wealth is an ability to understand the changes to the world in which we live and then to adjust (when necessary) your investment portfolios accordingly. As a boutique asset manager, we can navigate these twists and turns of global developments more readily and our team of experienced investment professionals are ideally suited to understand and to react to the rapidly changing environment as we pursue exceptional investment outcomes for our clients.

For the full report and our views on each asset class, click here.



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