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The Anchor Ndalo Fund (“the Fund”) offers investors the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of high-yielding agricultural enterprises, including blue-chip, primary agriculture assets, agro-processing and value-added services vertically integrated across the agriculture value chain.

The Fund provides investors with an exceptional financial return profile while delivering meaningful social and environmental impact.

The Fund focuses on niche elements of the agricultural sector, where there is a significant growth opportunity in producing labour-intensive, high-yielding crops.

It also has a strong focus on vertical integration throughout the value chain and balances risk exposure by expanding an existing footprint and investing in established, highly successful commercial farms run by the best farmers in South Africa.

The Fund is well diversified, spreading risk between strategies (expansion, green fields and investing in established, highly successful commercial farms), geographies and crop types.

The Fund provides attractive returns, with high annual crop yields and an appreciation of underlying land value and improvements.

A professional, experienced team of technical farming advisors oversee the farming assets, ensuring alignment at farm level decision making with the interests of investors (a critical deficiency of many existing agricultural investment funds).

The Fund is well supported by a diverse skill set of highly experienced people across the agricultural and financial services landscape.

The Fund delivers focussed impact (ESG) whilst delivering private equity equivalent returns to investors. Investors do good by investing in the Fund without sacrificing returns.

What makes this fund different?

It is a joint-venture between an established expert farming advisory business and a financial services business, combining farming expertise with financial success.

The Fund’s Objectives

The Fund’s investment mandate is aimed to provide investors with a balanced portfolio of well-managed, diversified assets that can produce income regardless of traditional risk factors.

The Anchor Ndalo Fund’s objective is to achieve carbon neutrality across the entire value chain.

Our goal of carbon neutrality is achievable at a farming level and in the entire value chain from farm to shelf.

The fund supports the United Nations SDGs 2030 and the objectives of the National Development Plan 2030.

Environmental Impact

Sustainable use of natural resources.

Covered crops to aid pests, nutrients, soil tilth, soil erosion, soil structure and soil fertility.

Reduced water consumption using high-end technology and pot irrigation.

Social Impact

Poverty eradication.

Rural economic development and small business development.

Women and youth employment.

Management and technical skills transfer.

Technology skills development.


Proven ethical leadership and track record in agriculture, commerce and investments.

An authorised financial services provider.

Black economic empowerment credentials in ownership and management.

Over 90% women employment in all operations.

Bringing together diverse expertise

The people behind the fund

Anchor manages over R100bn of assets and is an established asset manager with a growing global footprint.

Anchor has partnered with Primocane Capital, an industry-leading farming advisory business with a proven track record of producing various superfood crops across multiple locations in the SADC region.

Ndalo Acres, a specialist ESG advisor, brings together the technical skills of Anchor and Primocane Capital to deliver real impact.

Mike Teke, the Chairman of Anchor Group and CEO of Seriti Group, has successfully invested in farms producing a variety of crops.

The Anchor Ndalo Fund brings together the farming expertise of Primocane and Mike Teke with the fund management expertise of Anchor, which results in a well-governed and well-managed fund for investors seeking exposure to the agriculture sector.

Board of Directors

The investment committee

Christo Roos

Christo was a partner at one of South Africa’s leading private equity firms, Ethos, for 20 years.  He has a strong track record of working with and managing teams to successfully steer diverse businesses through volatile economic and political cycles.

Derek Stanford

Derek is the founder and managing director of Primocane, an agricultural investment advisory business consulting on intensive agriculture projects in South Africa.

Derek is a member of a long-established farming family with extensive agricultural experience. After completing his training with Ernst & Young in Cape Town and New York, Derek ventured into the private equity and wealth management sectors.

Ferdi Schenck
(BCom LLB)

Ferdi co-founded Anchor Advisory Services, a specialist institutional asset consulting and asset advisory business. Ferdi has 27 years of experience in various senior and management roles across multiple disciplines.

Ferdi provides asset strategy, advisory and specialist structuring services to several large multi-national companies.


Nhlanhla Magubane
(BCom, MSc, PhD candidate)

Nhlanhla has over 19 years of experience in private markets. He specialises in making principal investment decisions, taking equity positions, project development and consulting in energy, mining, listed and unlisted property, and logistics.

He previously served as a director at Power China (New Energy Division), a clean energy fund that invests in power infrastructure in Africa.

Peter Armitage

Peter is a CA (SA) and started his career in global financial markets in 1994. He has worked as an analyst, head of research and chief investment officer at a number of SA’s top financial institutions. Peter has been rated the top investment analyst in the annual Financial Mail rankings a record 21 times. Peter founded the Anchor Group in January 2012.

Agricultural and technical support

Mark Saunders
Chief Operations Officer

Mark Saunders is a senior member of Anchor’s institutional advisory and asset consulting team and is responsible for reporting and investor client service, supported by Anchor’s operational and technical team.

Ted Stanford
Head of Farming Operations

After completing his studies at Elsenburg Agricultural College, Ted managed rose farms, where he established his career in intensive commercial agriculture. Thereafter, he moved on to manage his family farm. More recently, in 2015, he developed and oversaw operations on his blueberry farm.

Collectively, Ted has 12 years of agricultural experience, specifically working with semi–indoor growing agricultural facilities. He has developed an in-depth knowledge of intensive growing operations. Berryworld SA has acknowledged Ted with various awards for his South African blueberry industry successes.

Andrew Wood
Technical Agricultural Support

Andrew has been involved in several startup businesses in several sectors since 2007. In 2015, he returned to his passion for farming by joining his family in setting up a flower-growing operation.

He then accepted a job offer as head of Sales and Marketing for Haygrove Southern Africa. Heading this up, Andrew has dealt with growers developing projects across the region since 2015, supplying the industry with systems for multiple large-scale commercial agri projects. He has developed strong relationships with most agricultural groups and suppliers in the sector. With this experience, Andrew is key to the sourcing and analysis of commercial Agri project developments.

Unathi Solomon
Head of Administration

Unathi has 12 years of experience in financial services and is a senior member of the Anchor operational support team, who will take the lead responsibility for managing and overseeing the administrative and financial operations aspects of the Fund.

Casey Delport
Chief Economist to the Fund

Casey holds an MCom in Economics, specialising in agricultural economics and joined Anchor in 2019. She brings her passion for economics into the fixed-income space, particularly regarding global and African country analysis. Casey also focuses on the agri-sector space both locally and abroad.

Nadeem Ahmed
Financial Manager

Nadeem Ahmed is a CA(SA) and a senior financial manager, reporting directly to the Anchor Group CFO.  Nadeem is responsible for financial management and overseeing the external audit of the Fund.

Sivu Foster
Investor Liaison

Sivu holds a BCom Hons and is currently studying for her CFA. She is responsible for investor query resolution and liaison. 


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