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Anchor Capital specialises in personalised investment management for private clients.

  • Managed Local Portfolios
  • Managed Global Portfolios
  • Personal Share Portfolios within the retirement space including preservation, provident or pension funds and retirement annuities
  • Personalized investment advice and Portfolio Analysis
  • Dedicated client relationships
  • Absolute transparency
  • Investment directly into the assets stripping out layers of fees where appropriate
  • High conviction in our investment decisions

Although we have a team of outstanding portfolio managers, all investment decisions are made through leveraging off of our robust investment process which is at the core of our business. All of our portfolio managers are serviced by our team of 14 analysts.

We have amassed over R6 Billion in this business over the course of the last two years, which means that we are big enough to be taken seriously by the institutions and corporate finance teams that count, but still agile enough to implement investment decisions quickly and enter and exit investments on behalf of our clients before valuations run away from us.

Anchor Equity High risk
Anchor Growing Yield Medium risk
Anchor Preferred Property Medium risk
Bespoke According to specific client needs and objectives
Anchor High Street Equity High risk
Anchor High Dividend Equity High Risk
Anchor Global Balanced Medium risk
Bespoke According to specific client needs and objectives

Your portfolios can be denominated in any currency of your choice. Clients are free to determine which of our preferred custodian partners they would like to utilize.

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